On Microperformativity

New directions in contemporary performance theory

Special focus: „Microperformativity and Biomediality“ (Jens Hauser) and „Microbiospherians. Leveraging microbes in biosphere 2“ (Karmen Franinović and Roman Kirschner)


Karmen Franinović
Jens Hauser
Roman Kirschner
Lucie Strecker

Moderation: Lucie Strecker și Jens Hauser

18 December 2020 | 18:30 EET

Facebook Live


In this panel we will look at the epistemological and aesthetic potential of the notion of ‘microperformativity’, featured in the current issue of Journal of Performance Research.

The concept denotes a current trend in theories of performativity and performative artistic practices to destabilize human scales (both spatial and temporal) as the dominant plane of reference and to emphasize biological and technological micro-agencies that relate the invisibility of the microscopic to the incomprehensibility of the macroscopic.

With a special focus on „Microperformativity and Biomediality“, Jens Hauser discusses the neologism microperformativity: Denoting a concept that cross-fertilizes aesthetics, media and performance theory, as well as science and technology studies, to contextualize the recent attention paid to other-than-human agencies, biological and technical ones alike, which challenge and subvert the mesoscopic tradition within which human phenomenological considerations are, still, rooted.

Karmen Franinović and Roman Kirschner will elaborate on „Microbiospherians. Leveraging microbes in Biosphere 2:  Researchers and practitioners in the trading zone of art and science have been experimenting with human-made ecosystems involving a variety of biological, chemical, technical and aesthetic aspects. While microorganisms are always a part of such systems, most often they don’t attract human attention. Karmen Franinović and Roman Kirschner ask, how in Biosphere 2, a large artificial glasshouse ecosystem built in the desert of Arizona, humans and microbes performed together with technical actors within the same environment.

The event is part of this year’s edition of the Quantum Questions science festival along with the pop-up exhibition EFFECT – FROM MICRO TO MACRO.

The Quantum Question science festival is presented in the framework of STUDIOTOPIA and co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.